The Frozen Fire|| OSCAR

Directed by : Anuruddha Jayasinghe

A group of prisoners are released in November 1977 after six years of incarceration. They were among the leaders arrested, put on trial and condemned to life imprisonment for their role in the failed insurrection in April 1971. The rebels, led by Rohana Wijeweera, decide to enter mainstream politics. In 1982 Wijeweera, the candidate of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna secures some 300,000 votes at the Presidential Election. It is a small number but big enough to create consternation in political circles. Ethnic riots in 1983 provide a convenient excuse for the government to pin the blame on the JVP. Wijeweera and the party go underground. From then until the final denouement in November 1989 it is a dangerous and bloody game of hide-and-seek.

Wijeweera and some of the leaders flee to the Southern jungles. When bad weather and other factors push them out, they move from place to place even as they do their extensive and intense political work and balance their personal lives.

Wijeweera and his family first take refuge in a doctor’s official residence. His cover is eventually blown, but the humanity of those around him prevails over the fear of reprisals and unnecessary trouble with authorities out for his head. ­Things take a turn for the worse following the signing of the Indo-Lanka Accord in 1987 plunging the country into political uncertainty. ­The search for Wijeweera intensifies as the insurrection gathers momentum.

Through it all Wijeweera as well as his comrades have to contend with their personal demons, the mismatches between theory and practice, rhetoric and personal choices. Wijeweera is finally apprehended in a situation where the security forces gradually overpower the rebels. Logistical issues as well as a series of betrayals seal his fate. He is captured and made to suffer a terrible death. All the key leaders are either killed or captured. A particularly bloody chapter in the country’s history is officially brought to a close leaving behind an image of a rebel abstracted from who he was and reduced to a political persona to be celebrated or vilified.

Year of Production: 2018

Language of the movie: Sinhalese

Kamal Addararachchi , Jagath Manuwarna,Dilhani Ekanayake , Sulochana Weerasinghe, Vishwajith Gunasekara , Priyantha Sirikumara

Producer : Chamathka Pieris

Music : Nadeeka Guruge

Cinematography : Danushka Gunathilaka


Pulimurugan​|| OSCAR

Directed by : Vysakh

When a small village near a forest is under the threat of man eating tigers and a drug mafia, the villagers seek the help of an unstoppable force, a hunter invincible.

Year of Production: 2016

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Mohanlal, Jagapathi Babu, Kamalinee Mukherjee, Lal, Vinu Mohan, Bala, Suraj Venjarammoodu

Producer : Tommichan Mulakupadam

Music : Gopi Sundar

Cinematography : Shaji Kumar

Salt Bridge || OSCAR

Directed by : Abhijit Deonath

A small town in a developed country. A few Indian families who all know each other and miss their friends and relatives back home. Basant arrives with his young family in this breeding ground for strange relationships. When Basant’s path crosses that of Madhu, a married woman, a beautiful friendship begins to blossom. Or is that all it is? Once Madhu suspects Basant of being interested in her romantically, things begin to unravel. Ripples are felt far and wide in the close knit community. Basant and his family soon find themselves isolated. Questions of intention, trust, innocence, guilt and proof raise the stakes as emotions run high in Salt Bridge.

Year of Production: 2015

Language of the movie: Hindi

Rajeev Khandelwal, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Usha Jadhav, Mayur Kamble, Katrina Thane

Producer : Abhijit Deonath

Music : Marciano Telese

Cinematography : Miguel Gallagher

Salt Bridge Poster-lowres

Nachom-ia Kumpasar || OSCAR

Directed by : Bardroy Barretto

Nachom-ia Kumpasar (‘Let’s dance to the rhythm’), is based on the lives of two jazz musicians, Chris Perry and Lorna. TThe bitter sweet relationship between a young singer and her musician mentor set against the backdrop of the jazz clubs of Bombay and the musicians from Goa during the 60s. In the 1960s Lawry a young Goan musician playing in the nightclubs of Bombay, returns to Goa to find a singer for his band where he meets Dona. While Lawry moulds the impressionable young Dona into a talented singer, they fall deeply in love. The emotional rollercoaster of a love story is destined to tragedy. The film weaves its lilting narrative through 20 timeless songs based on actual events this quasi-biographical film is a tribute to one of Goa’s greatest, yet barely acknowledged legacy – its musicians, who once upon a time set the jazz clubs of Bombay on fire and actually shaped the music of Bollywood cinema. Nachom-ia Kumpasar is a nostalgic musical tale set in the times these musicians lived and died in – unrecognized, unappreciated…and unsung

Year of Production: 2014

Language of the movie: Konkani

Vijay Maurya, Palomi Ghosh, Prince Jacob, John D'Silva

Producer : Angelo Braganza, Bardroy Barretto, Radheyshyam Pipalwa, Michael Arakkal

Music : Ronnie Monserrate, Jackson Pereira

Cinematography : Suhas Gujarathi

Jal || OSCAR

Directed by : Girish Malik

A beautiful, barren land where sea meets the desert and forms salt marshes.

Here lives Bakka, a young willful water diviner who knows how to find water in the desert with his mystic dowsing rods. But his latest predictions haven’t turned out right, making the villagers doubt his talent. His strongest supporters are the brother-sister duo, KAJRI & RAKLA. While Kajri is in love with Bakka, Bakka is dreaming about a bewitching beauty from the enemy village, KESAR.

KIM, a European bird watcher comes to Kutch & realizes that flamingo chicks are dying by hundreds. The teams from the Ecological Society arrive and it is decided that they will create artificial ponds for the birds. The only hitch is that all their scientific methods fail to find water in the desert.

Kim turns to Bakka for help. Bakka knows where to find water & their machinery can dig deep inside the earth which is not possible for human hands. Villagers are excited too as they are hoping that after the birds it will be their turn to get water. Birds need water & so do human beings. Whose life is more important?

Events unfold where we discover how greed, jealousy & above all the desperation to survive can bring out the darkest side of human character. The emotions in these hearts have dried up and their beliefs are shattered just like the cracked land beneath their feet. Jal attempts to go beyond the statistics and humanizes the issue of water scarcity weaving it in a tapestry of love, life and human emotions. It tells the story of people whose life revolves around water.

Oscar Details : Best Picture Contention | Best Original Score Contention

Year of Production: 2013

Language of the movie: Hindi

Purab Kohli, Tannishtha Chatterjee, Kirti Kulhari, Yashpal Sharma, Mukul Dev, Saidah Jules

Producer : Oneworld Films Pvt. Ltd

Music : Sonu Nigam

Cinematography : Sunita Radia

Kapus Kondyachi Goshta

Kapus Kondyachi Goshta || Film Festival & Oscar

Directed by : Mrunalini Bhosale

“Kapus Kondyachi Goshta” a story of triumph over tragedy, where the strong will of simple village girl wins over all odds to become an inspiration for all.

In this land of cotton growers, the heartrending farmer’s suicides are a continuing tragedy in Maharashtra. It is these grim circumstances that unfold the story of Joyti along with her three sisters as they stand against village head and ever-fickle villagers.

This is a true story that chronicles the victory over social ostracisation, poverty and hardship. This film at one moment inspires while giving you a deep insight into the lives and struggles of a women in heart of india.

Awards and Recognition:

* Dadasaheb Phalke Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection & Won the award for”Best Film- Women Empowerment”
* International Indian Film Festival of Queensland in Brisbane – Official Selection & Won the award for”Best Feature Film”
Gwinnett Center International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
Silk Road International Film Festival ,ChinaOfficial Selection
Seattle South Asian Film Festival,USAOfficial Selection
Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival-2015- Official Selection

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Year of Production: 2013

Language of the movie: Marathi

Makrand Anaspure, Samidha Guru, Bharat Ganeshpure, Gauri Konge, Mohini Kulkarni, Netra Mali

Producer: Nitin Bhosale
Music: Shailesh Dani
Cinematography : Wasim Maner
Editing : Santosh Gothoskar


Directed by : Shivaji Lotan Patil

It is a story of a 13 year old boy, ‘Krishna’. It is his journey from a stubborn rebel to a mature turnaround. His family is a care taker of a crematory in a village. They are at the lowest end in Hindu caste system. Krishna has decided not to follow the family tradition and bring his family out of the crematorium, and lead a respectable life.

Krishna’s father Shripati, has accepted his destiny and carrying the tradition, his forefathers and the society have imposed on him. But he is happy to see that his son, Krishna does not want to carry this burden. In addition to his traditional job Shripati also works in his friend’s – Mangya’s shop, Mangya is also from a lower caste. This job helps Shripati to make ends meet for his family.

Krishna’s mother Yashoda, though she has never mentioned this openly; is also wants Krishna to break these religious bindings. That is why against all odds she has admitted her both kids, Krishna and Kanchan in a local government school. That is her dream that one day Krishna will become some kind of officer and will open the doors of heavens for them.

Krishna’s orthodox grandmother is very practical also, she wants Krishna to leave the school and start helping his father in crematory. She never likes his denials, as for her; saying no to the job their forefathers have left for them, could bring bad omen.

Krishna only knows that he will not follow his family tradition but he doesn’t know what he will do instead. He has never given a thought to it. So he bunks school, plays and wonders around with his friends. And takes hard beating for doing this from his mother.

But it all changes in one night, when Shripati dies of a snake bite. After Shripati’s death everyone expects Krishna to take the charge of crematory. But Krishna secretly takes a job in his friend’s juice centre to earn some money for the family, and when the time comes to perform his traditional duty he runs away. Villagers doesn’t allow Yashoda to do the rituals of the cremation, it is against their religious values to let a woman do the rituals. Yashoda feels that it is all over for her family and Mangya comes to her rescue.

Slowly Mangya becomes the care taker of his friend Shripati’s family. Krishna’s grandmother knows Mangya’s interest in Yashoda is one of the motives behind his helpfulness. She tells her daughter in law to be friendly with Mangya. She explains her that now he is the only hope for them, as Krishna is not capable of understanding the situation. Krishna hears this talk between his mother and grandmother and this makes Krishna first time to think. He decides to start their traditional work which he always despised. He realizes that if he wants to bring himself and his family out of that crematory forever he has to do what he actually wants to quit for the time being. He knows that, This is the only way to keep Mangya away and survive until he gets his education.

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Language of the movie: Marathi

Upendra Limaye , Nagesh Bhosle, Usha Jadhav, Suhasini Deshpande, Hansraj Jagtap, Neha Dakhinkar


Dam999 || Oscar & Film Festival

Directed by Sohan Roy

A corrupt mayor builds a new dam for political gains and personal glory endangering millions of innocent lives; A mariner desperate to save his sister from evil; Two not-so-young lovers challenging destiny in a bid to unite; A woman on a mission to win her family back; A little boy battling a deadly disease; A devoted wife wants to be with her husband even in death; And the astrologer who has foreseen their ominous fate – Nine lives entwined by the impending disaster. Take the journey of a lifetime – Nine characters, nine moods and a crumbling dam of emotions… DAM999 – experience it in 3D!

Awards and Recognition:

* 5 Oscar Selections in three Categories for the movie DAM999 – Original Song (3 songs),
Original Score, Best Picture

* Award of excellence for the Motion Picture Sound Track and Award of Merit for Original
Score by Global Music Awards 2012.

* Tehran Film Festival – Official Selection

* Golden Rooster Awards (Chinese Oscars) – Nominee for the Category – Best Feature Film.

* Detective FEST – Official Selection

* International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda – Official and Sohan Roy Awarded With “Star Award for Achievement in Film Industry”

* International Film Festival for Environment, Health, and Culture 2013,Indonesia – Official Selection & won the Award for Best International Feature Film,Special Jury Award,Best Director Award

* Jaipur International Film Festival – Official Selection & Best Movie of the Festival

* Sangli Film Festival – Official Selection & won the award for Best English Film

* Salento Int’l Film Festival,Italy- Official Selection and competition for “Best Feature Film” and International tour (Moscow, St Petersburg, London, Hong Kong, Taipei and Dublin)

* International FIlm Festival for Peace, Inspiration and Equality ,Indonesia – Official Selection

* Kuala Lumpur Eco Film Festival, Malaysia – Official Selection & Sohan Roy
received Special Mention Award.

* Chain NYC Film Festival,USA – Official Selection

* Louisville’s International Festival of Film,USA – Official Selection

* Trinity International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection

* Laughlin International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection & DAM999 Awarded With “ LIFF Storytelling Achievement Award”

* “7th CMS VATAVARAN International Environment And Wildlife Film Festival and Forum 2013,INDIA – DAM 999 nominated in CMS VATAVARAN 2013

* Cinerockom International Film Festival,USA – Official SElection and won the Awards “Category – BEST DIRECTORS AWARDS – Blue Award – Sohan Roy and Best Feature Films “Blue Award”

* International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance and Musical Film Festival,Indonesia –Official Selection & won the Award for Award of Excellance Category Winner,Best International Feature Film Award

* Eko International Film Festival,Nigeria – Official Selection

* International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary,Indonesia – Official Selection & Award of Excellance Category Winner,Best International Feature Film Award

* Manya Human Rights International Film Festival 2013,Uganda – Official Selection

* World Music and Independent Film Festival,USA- Official Selection

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention | Best Original Score Contention | Best Original Song (Contended 3 Songs)

Year of production: 2011

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Joshua Fredric Smith, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rajit Kapur, Linda Arsenio, Vinay Rai, Vimala Raman, Jaala Pickering, Megha Burman, Jineeth Rath, Gary Richardson, Harry Key, Thampy Antony, Sohan Roy

Producer: Biztv Network
Story & script: Sohan Roy
Music: Ousephachan
Editor: Suresh Pai
Production Designer: Padmashri Thotta Tharani


Directed by Dr. Biju

A 60 year old man, who lives in a lonely island, comes to the nearby harbor in his small motor boat once in a month, with lots of handicrafts to sell. A young 30 year old burglar notices the old man and one day he jumps in to old man’s boat and threatens him to handover the money. The old man remains calm and unexpectedly starts the boat and drives the Island. The young man trapped into the lonely island. He realizes that no other boat comes to that island other than the old man boat. A 7 year old boy, a 20 year old beautiful but deaf and dumb lady and a middle aged stammer man are lives in the house along with the old man.

The young man compelled to live with these peculiar four people in that wooden shore house. The mystery begins…

The young man sees the rare life situations which he has never seen in this entire life. His thought and concept about the life changed, He now began to realize true meaning of life and how nature blends with the life. Color of Sky is color of life, color of wind, color of sea, color of nature and many more…..

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Nedumudi Venu, Prithviraj Sukumaran, Indrajith Sukumaran, Amala Paul, Anoop Chandran

Producer: K. Anil Kumar
Story & script: Dr. Biju
Camera: M. J. Radhakrishnan



Directed by Gajendra Ahire

Indian cinema started with the age old tradition of showing movies in travelling tents known as touring talkies. Although the Touring Talkies are 106 years old in India, now for about half a century these tents have been a regular feature in most of the Jatra’s (Spiritual Fair’s) taking place across Mahara strian villages where Marathi cinema comes alive in a most unique fashion.

The main protagonist is a girl named Chandi, who runs one such tent called ‘Chandi Touring Talkies’. Her younger brother Babulal, who aspires to be a Director in the future, is her helping hand in running the tent. Her father Bapuseth, an alcoholic and a gambler, is a wayward good for nothing father, who has lost the fortunes bestowed upon him by the touring talkies to his vices.

The story starts with the latest Marathi film Gela HaatCholi is running successfully in Chandi’s Touring Talkies. Her daily collections are swelling and she is forced to keep her dad locked in the boxofficewith thecollection of the day as he is a compulsive gambler.

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Marathi

Subodh Bhave, Kishore Kadam, Trupti Bhoir, Suhas Palshikar, Milind Shinde

Story & Script - Gajendra Ahire
Producer - Trupti Bhoir
Camera - Amol Gole

Ballad of Rustom || Oscar

Directed by : Ajita Suchitraveera

Ballad of Rustom Is about this young Imaginative man called Rustom who works in a remote government office as a Telephone Linesman. Rustom’s mundane life In the small town, his adventures meeting people on his visits, his Imaginary world in the small countryside township, his yearning for the love of a young painter, and his wanderings with his friend Kapil all form ‘Ballad of Rustom’.

Rustom is an epitome of that genre of men who is disappearing from the land. He is sincere, polite and moreover genuine in all his deeds. He is an unsung hero of this era where there is no place for morality and idealism in the minds of human beings. The movie beautifully portrays the life of those people who lives in that country side. It contains different episodes of Rustom’s journeys, which alternate between his real and Imaginary worlds.Ballad of Rustom

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Year of Production: 2012

Language of the Movie: Hindi

Ashwath Bhatt, Samiksha Bhatt, Tejaswi Bm, Megha Burman, Alok Chaturbedi

Producer: Usha Rani, Sudha Rani
Music: Andrew T. Mackay
Cinematography : Shanti Bhushan Roy
Editing : Hemanti Sarkar, Ajita Suchitra Veera

Balld of Rustom

Kamasutra 3D || Oscar

Directed by : Rupesh Paul

Kamasutra 3D by director Rupesh Paul is rolling, based on Vatsyayana’s famous creation of Kamasutra. Set in the backdrop of the ancient, Kamasutra 3D is the journey of a soulful love embodied with betrayal and war. It weaves the transformative changes in body, mind and soul by the forbidden world of sexual love and sensuality.

Sherlyn Chopra, the dusky siren, will be seen portraying the character of an Aphrodite. Other actors include Milind Gunaji, Makarand Deshpande, Maleena Khan, Sushmita Mukherjee, Gajendra Chauhan, Mohan Kapoor, Amit Bahl and others. King Mal Khan would debut with film as the male lead portraying the character of a Prince and a Naga Sanyasi.

This movie is a trilogy of the same name in different versions – Kamasutra 3D, Kamasutra 4D, Kamasutra 5D. The 4D and 5D versions would be released after the launch of the 3D version.

Kamasutra 3D has broken all records when it came to the pre-sale rights of the movie at Cannes. It is for the first time that an Indian film has received such a huge response with sales of its international rights that too before it is being released at the American Film Festival 2013 as well.The movie made a proud entry at the prestigious contention list of the 86th Academy Awards, with selection in the three categories – Best Motion Picture, Original Score and Original Song with 5 songs. It is the only movie from India contending in the music category lists.

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention | Best Original Score Contention | Best Original Song (Contended 5 Songs)

Year of Production: 2013

Language of the movie: English

Sherlyn Chopra, Milind Gunaji, King Mal Khan, Makarand Deshpande, Maleena Khan, Andria D'souza

Executive Producer: Dr.George John

Co-Producer & Project Designer: Sohan Roy

Hou De Jarasa Ushir || Oscar & Film Festival

Directed by Wasim Maner

Hou de jarasa ushir (Let There Be A Little Delay) is the story of three people — Sunayna, Malhar, and Shantanu — who work in the same software company. Each one of them is fighting a lonely battle trying to balance work and life.

Every morning, they travel to work together in Shabbir’s cab. One day, a very crucial day in their career, Shabbir does not arrive on time, and when he does, their cab is stuck in a major traffic jam on the highway. The already irate and anxious passengers decide to let Shabbir try an alternate route to the IT Park that will take them through remote villages. But almost as soon as they break from routine and start on this journey, a series of life-altering incidents (and a fakir who challenges them to take time in their own hands), inspires them to change their perspective of life itself.

Awards and Recognition:

* The first Marathi Film to compete in the Best Picture category in the 85th Academy Awards (The Oscars)
* On location Memphis ,USA – Official Selection

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Marathi

Sadashiv Amrapurkar, Aishwarya Narkar, Sharvari Jemnis, Chinmay Mandalekar, Aditi Sarangdhar, Jayawant Wadkar, Priya Shinde, Anil Nagarkar, Raj Ranaware, Abhyangh Kuwalekar

Tahir Maner: Adv. Vandana Jadheevd & Mr. Jadheev
Story & Script: Wasim Maner
Music: Nakul Shirish Jogdeo
Editor: Prashant Pandav
Lyrics: Rahul Ovhal

Hou De Jarasa Ushir


Directed by Rupesh Paul

Longing for vengeance, he waited in hunger and thirst for his long lost admirer. The night hid him in the dark, the earth and the woods were his haven. He is a fallen angel, a catastrophic lover, the trodden Prince of Wallachia, but a vampire in revenge. His partisans await his reprise with a celebration. He turns lucky in love, if not for ever. Beautiful nights of love and lust entangle him with his lost love-Clara, a passionate young nun but still a mortal. The peaches and perfection takes a turn the day Clara gets spellbound by the Catholic Church. The Vatican plots the trap but will the plan thrive? Or will it be love?


Awards and Recognition:
* Horror- On – Sea Film Festival – Official Selection
* International Film Festival Antigua Barbuda – Official Selection
* The free style life Film Exhibition – Official Selection
* The Pineapple Underground Film Festival – Official Selection
* Chain NYC Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* Louisville’s International Film Festival- Official Selection
* RIP Horror Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* Cinerockom International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection & Won the Awards
Brainwash movie festival,USAOfficial Selection

Oscar Details: Best Picture Contention | Best Original Score Contention |Best Original Song (Contended 2 Songs)

Year of production: 2011

Language of the movie: English

Bill Hutchins, Daniel Shayler, Lawrence Larkin, Michael Christopher, Mitch Powell, Nicola Jeanne

Producer: Biz TV Network
Music: Sreevalsan J. Menon
Art Direction - Toby Riches & Peter Mulhal

Hemalkasa || Film Festival

Directed by : ADv.Samruoddhi Porey

Nobody knows that someone is living an amazing life in one corner of the world with wild animals with his mission which is a beautiful example for the world.A storyline showcasing an individual who was unaware of his destination but became an inspiration to the world by teaching the epitome of self actualization.

After finishing his doctor degree, Prakash’s father Baba Amte, took him on a picnic to Hemalkasa ,but that was not only a picnic but a turning point in prakash’s life. He became restless seeing that, on one hand people had reached the moon while here still people were living as animals. They use to hunt and sleep under the tree. Prakash went there just to treat them but became a part of them.

Dr.Mandakini and Prakash loved each other from collage days. Leaving her luxurious life behind, she decided to accompany Prakash without any condition.This is where the real story begins in the dense forest of Hemalkasa. There struggle with tribals, struggle with wild animal, struggle with Naxalites and corrupt government officials.

But today after 45 years of struggle, Hemalkasa has become an example to the world.
The story is unbelievable but…. it is true!


Awards and Recognition:

* Silk Road International Film Festival ,ChinaOfficial Selection


Year of Production: 2013

Language of the movie: Marathi


Director: Adv.Samruoddhi Porey

Producer: Adv.samruddhi porey

Co-Producer: Ujjwala Haware



AYAL || Film Festival

Directed by Suresh Unnithan

Set in late 1950s in Kuttanad, the granary of central Kerala, the film is set in an ambience of Serpentine Worship and socio political rebellions of the times. The protagonist Dasan was a practicing Pulluvan, who had an aura of ascribed divinity around him. He had two wives, Janaki and Chakara. Janaki’s love with Dasan was platonic, but Chakara true to her name was possessive. Dasan along the course of time becomes passionate with Devaki Antharjanam. The wife of the village landlords as well. Be it wine, women or smoke, Dasan had no restrictions. His mastery over the profession was unparalleled. Due to the ascribed divinity around him, he was unquestioned. But not for too long, something happens which makes his life topsy turvy! The event also brings out the tenacity and quality of relations he had.

The film picturises the various shades of love and problematizes the conventional concepts around it. It is also an attempt to transcend the definitions of love and explore the flowering of bounds which are deep rooted than love.

*Kerala – One of the southern states of India.
*Pulluvam – One who practices serpentine worship by singing songs and playing specific instruments. It is also a caste based name.


Awards and Recognition:
* Grand Junction Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Language of the movie: 2013

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Lal Iniya Lena Lekshmi Sharma Sukumari KPAC Lalitha Kalasala Babu

Producer: Madhusoodaran Mavelikkara
Story & Script: Dr K Ampady
Music: Mohan Sithara, Somasekharan
Lyrics: Devadas


Directed by Mr. Kayum Khaji

The movie is about the life of Bahinabai Chaudhary, she is a world fomous Marathi poetress whose timeless words have made a mark on the lifes of all Marathi people. It is said as her poetry is like 24 carat gold, which would shine equally amongst old and new alike.

Bahinabai had faced very difficult time’ lost her husband very early im her life ang had to bring up children without any support. As a women she was not the one who are used to cribbing or crying for the discomfort and difficulties. But she choose the path to overcome the difficult terrain by utilizing her creativity best. Her words used to snooth her provide her comfort and relaxation to such an extent that she develop a confidence to face the reality happily. Bahinabai was illiterate but had the word power which used to be generated from the core of real feelings. Her confidence raised to such a level that villainous money lenders had a phobia and was confident that she will return back his loan and will indebt him with her wisedom.

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Marathi

Vibhavari Deshpande, Bahinabai Chaudhari, Kishore Kadam, Suhas Palshikar

Producer: Adv. Vandana Jadheevd & Mr. Jadheev
Music: Sachin Depesh
Editor: Ghadindhar Kolath
Cinematography: S Jahingir

Sopnachi Ayi Bahina Bhai
Pinky Poster

PINKY – Ek Satyakatha || Film Festival

Directed by : Sudhin Thakur

“Pinky – Ek Satyakatha” is the Story of an award winning woman athlete who was charged with Rape and accused of being a male. A brief glimpse of the politics and goings on in Indian sports.

Awards and Recognition:

* International Indian Film Festival of Queensland in Brisbane – Official Selection
Gwinnett Center International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* Silk Road International Film Festival ,China – Official Selection
Cinema Verde Environmental Film and Arts Festival – Official Selection


Year of Production: 2014

Language of the movie: Marathi

Sara Shrawan, Yateen Karyekar, Brinda Parekh, Sunil Deo, Priya Tuljapurkar, Prerna Ugale

Producer: Satish Kale
Music: Ashok Patki
Cinematography : Sanjay Pathak
Editing : Dhruv Bordoloi

Thira || Film Festival

Directed by : Vineeth Sreenivasan

Thira’ is a thoughtful exploration of a theme that is often discussed in hushed whispers. It’s quite resolute in its objective, is extremely detailed, is involving for its most part and is charmingly acted as well. Thira is a dramatic thriller movie. Movie begins with the introduction of a cardiologist, Rohini Pranab (Shobhana), who apart from her job of a doctor also runs an organisation for women which acts against women trafficking and helps orphaned girls. Things get into trouble when some girls from the organisation get kidnapped.

Rohini sets out on a mission to find those who are behind her husband’s murder and who have trafficked the girls. On the same path, we are introduced to Naveen (Dhyan Sreenivasan), who is in search of his kidnapped sister. Naveen and Rohini meet by chance and come to know that they have the same goal. Rest of the movie focuses on their mission to find the lost ones. Will they be successful? Watch out in theatres next to you.

* Gwinnett Center International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection

Year of production: 2013

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Shobana, Dhyan Sreenivasan, Deepak Parambol

Producer: Manoj Menon
Music: Shaan Rahman
Cinematography : Jomon T. John
Editing : Ranjan Abraham


CHAYILYAM || Film Festival

Directed by Manoj Kana

A major ritual of North Malabar, Kerala, India, Theyyam is enjoyed with reverence by the people as Gods and Goddesses appear before them through this art form. In most cases, Goddesses are represented, but the performers are men. Against this tradition, only one Goddess is performed by women performers. This cinema, set against the background of Theyyam, is presenting the struggle of a woman to regain the boon of femininity.

In the traditional society with its joint family system, first menstruation was taken as an event of celebration and recognition. But the contemporary society hides it as a matter of secrecy.

‘Chayiliam’ is an attempt to suggest how far menstruation is important for women through the character Gouri.

It also takes into consideration the event of her premature menopause, which totally unsets the rhythm of Gouri’s life.

Awards and Recognition:

* International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary (IFFSRV) 2013,Indonesia –
Official Selection & won the award Award of Excellence Winner,Best International Feature Film & Best Movie Of the Festival.
* Marbella Film Festival – Official Selection
* International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance and Musical,Indonesia – Official Selection &
won the Award of Excellence Winner
* Grand Junction Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Malayalam

M.R. Gopakumar, Anumol.K, Jijoy, Chempil Asokan, Elsi Sukumar, Jaya Unnikrishnan, Master Adithyan, P.T.Manoj, P.K.Sudheer, T.K. Meenakshiamma

Producer: Priyeshkumar.P.K, NeruCultural Society
Story & Script: Manoj Kana
Music: Chandran Vayattummal
Camera : K.G.Jayan

Amen || Film Festival

Directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery

Amen is a 2013 Malayalam-language Indian romantic musical satire directed by Lijo Jose Pellissery and starring Fahadh Faasil, Indrajith, Swati Reddy, Natasha Sahgal and Rachana Narayanankutty lead roles. Amen is the debut Malayalam film of Telugu actress Swati Reddy. The film hit the theaters on 22 March 2013, receiving rave reviews from critics and huge response from theatres. The plot revolves around the lives of few people around an ancient Syrian Church in a Kuttanadan village called Kumarankari. Solomon (Fahadh Faasil) is in love with Shoshanna(Swati Reddy) who the daughter of a wealthy contractor. Solomon is the son of a band master who died after a show by drowning.Solomon is a failed band member. Here comes the entry of Fr.Vincent Vattoli (Indrajith) to the church. Solomon attempts to elope with Shoshanna by taking the help of Fr. Vattoli but in vain. They are caught by their people and beaten up. Here comes a bet in which the Band is asked to win the band competition in which they lost in the previous years. It was said that shoshanna would be married to Solomon if they win the competition with Solomon leading the band. They take intense practices and win the bet. Solomon gets married to Shoshanna. The next day a call comes to the church informing that the new Priest Fr.Vincent Vattoli is taking charge. The Kumarangiri folks now come to know that Fr. Vincent Vattoli was actually the saint himself who appeared in front of them.

Awards and Recognition:

* Canada Film Festival – Official Selection
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Year of production: 2013

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Fahadh Faasil, Indrajith , Swati Reddy, Rachana Narayanankutty, Natasha Sahgal, Joy Mathew, Nandhu, Kalabhavan Mani

Producer: Fareed Khan
Story & script: P. S. Rafeeque
Music: Prashant Pillai
Cinematographer: Abinandhan Ramanujam

101 chodyangal

101 Chodyangal || Film Festival

Directed by : Sidhartha Siva

101 Chodyangal(101 Questions) is a story revolves around a school assignment given to a class V student to frame 101 questions. The film is about the efforts he has to put in to frame those questions. At this point, his father, who is a factory employee, loses his job. The two parallel streams converge at the end. ‘101 Chodyangal’ may have its shortcomings, but it succeeds in making a definite impression. Though the story is being told through the eyes of a child, this one is for viewers of all ages.

Awards and Recognition:

* Noida International Film Festival – Official Selection & Won the award for “Best Feature Film “
* Sangli International Film Festival – Official Selection & Won the award for “Special Jury Award”
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection
* International Indian Film Festival of Queensland in Brisbane – Official Selection
* Harlem International Film Festival 2014,USA – Official Selection
Dada Saheb Phalke Film Festival – 14,India – Official Selection
Tuscany Films,USA – Official Selection



Year of production: 2013

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Indrajith Sukumaran, Lena Abilash, Manikandan Pattambi, Minon , Nishanth Sagar, Rachana Narayankutty, Sudheesh

Producer: Thomas Kottakkakam
Music: M. K. Arjunan
Cinematography : Toby Riches & Peter Mulhal
Editing : Bibin Paul Samuel



Provocative, shocking and surprisingly tender amidst an explosion of unbridled emotions, “Naa Bangaaru Talli”(My Dearest Daughter) explores the consequences of sex trafficking testing the vulnerability of trust in human relations.

Srinivas(Siddiq) is a wonderful and devoted father to Durga(Anjali Patil),and he provides her the best. Working in the city and maintaining his family in a small town works well for him for years. One day everything is shattered when Durga comes unannounced to the city to appear for an interview concerning her college admission. Durga’s life is brutally torn apart as Srinivas wrestles with grief, remorse, self pity and guilt.

The murky world of sex trafficking shakes the basic tenets of human existence “trust”
Based on true stories, the film is a first of its kind projecting the human dimension of both the abused and the abuser. Contextualized in a middle class Indian setting, the story has global dimension and can happen anywhere, to anyone.

Awards and Recognition:

* Trinity International Film Festival, USA – Official Selection & won the award for “BEST FEATURE FILM “
* International Film Festival for Comedy Romance and Musical, Indonesia – Official selection & Award of Excellence Winner, Best Film of the Festival & won 2 Awards of excellence
1. Filmmaker of the year 2013
2. Movie of the year 2013
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection
* Myrtle Beach International Film Festival,USA – Official Selection
* Beijing International Film Festival,China – Official Selection

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Telugu

Sidhique, Anjali Patil, Lakshmi Menon, Nina Kurup, Rathna Sekhar, Anoop Aravindan,

Producer: M.S.Rajesh
Cinematographer: Ramathulasi TFT
Art Director: Rajeev Nayar


JALAM || Film Festival

Directed by : M.Padmakumar

Upcoming Malayalam movie based on a true story. Jalam is directed by M Padmakumar.

Year of Production: 2015

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Priyanka Nair, Prakash Bare, Jain, Reshmi Boban, P Balachandran Nair

Producers: Sohan Roy,T D Andrews ,M Padmakumar
Music: Ouseppachan

Pithavinum Puthranum || Film Festival

Director : Deepesh T

A Convent in a scenic high range. A rugged mother superior of the convent. The inmates, Sister Elsitta and Sister Jaseentha, percieive Jesus Christ in two ideological extremes.The abrasion of fantasy and reality augments the contention between them. The clergy are the only male intervention in their life.

Year of Production: 2013

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Honey Rose, Rajasree Ponnapa, Sunny Wane, VK Prakash, Shary, Sathar, Sabu Cyril

Music: Madhu Govind
Cinematography : Pradeesh Varma
Editing : Rajesh Narayanan

Pithavum Puthranum

LANGAR || Film Festival

Directed by Sandeep Naware

This story is of “Malan” named girl belonging Murali Community who revolted against life-taking religious practices and for doing this all she had to face a very long fight. Not only had this she even had to face and accept danger to her life. She somehow came out of all the situations and this was her personal communal fight i.e. LANGAR.

Awards and Recognition:

* International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance and Musical,Indonesia – Official Selection & won the award for “Honorable Mention” Category
* International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion and Visionary 2013,Indonesia – Official Selection & won the award for “Honorable Mention “Category

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Marathi

Manava Naik, Namrata Gaikwad, Kishori Shahane, Pankaj Vishnu

Producer: Kumari Niharik, Sunil Phadtare
Story & script: Sandeep Naware
Camera: Surya Mishra

ATTAKKATHA || Film Festival

Directed by Kannan Perumudiyoor

Melina, who came from France, reached Koothambalam to know more about Kathakali and Kathakali Ashaan, with the help of Raghavan Nair, Melina came to know about most of them, With that she came to know about Unnikrishnan and Romi, Who came from to study Kathakali.

Sethu Lekshmi, who was a student in Koothambalam fell in love with Unnikrishnan. Sethu went to tell her love to Unni but at the time she came to know that Unni and Romi were in love. At that time Romi become pregnant. Unnikrishnan’s mother gets killed by his uncle who is a mental patient. Unni killed his uncle. Romi went back France.

Melina told sethulekshmi that she is Romi’s daughter and that she wants to meet Unnikrishnan. Sethu showed the mad Unnikrishnan to Melina. Melina took Unnikrishnan with her in train…

Awards and Recognition:

* International Film Festival for Comedy Romance and Musical ,Indonesia – Official selection & won
the Award of Excellence Winner

* International Film Festival for Spirituality, Religion, and Visionary – Official Selection
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Vineeth, Meera Nandan

Producer : Harisree Films
Story & script: Kannan Perumudiyoor; Harisree Films
Music: Raveendran


CELLULOID || Film Festival

Directed by Kamal

CELLULOID depicts the life and times of Dr J.C. DANIEL, the pioneer of Malayalam cinema. A story panning over 70 years between 1926 and 2000, CELLULOID tells the story of how Daniel (Prithviraj) made the first Malayalam motion picture. ‘VIGATHAKUMARAN’. How he had to endure unprecedented hardships to achieve this feat. How he was willing to invest his personal fortune in the venture, how he travelled across the country meeting stalwarts of Indian Cinema such as Dada Saheb Phalke and Nat raja Muthaliar to learn about filmmaking; and not the least, finding an actress to act in his movie. During the period of filming (1926-1927) it was unthinkable that a woman would act in films, for it was considered a degrading act. Daniel, however, managed to find an actress for his film, P.K Rosy, who would go onto be the first heroine of Malayalam Cinema. Celluloid follows the making of VIGATHAKUMARAN and how tragedy strikes the film upon its release, when cast fanatics bans the film from being shown in Capitol Cinema Hall in Travancore, the only such establishment in those parts at other time, and indeed from other cinema halls across Kerala.

Awards and Recognition:

* International Film Festival for Comedy Romance and Musical ,Indonesia – Official selection & won
the Award of Excellence Winner

* Indian Film Festival Japan – Official selection
* Indian Film Festival of Houston – Official selection
* Bollywood Film Festival Norway – Official selection
* ImagineIndia International Film Festival, Madrid – Official selection
* New Generation Film Festival, Frankfut,Germany – Official selection
* Pune International Film Festival, India – Official selection
* Jaipur International Film Festival, India – Official selection
* International Sport Film Festival, Italy – Official selection
* Queens World Film Festival, USA – Official selection
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie: Malayalam

Prithviraj, Sreenivasan, Mamtha Mohandas, Chandni

Story & Script - Kamal
Producer - Kamal & Ubaid
Camera - Venu
Music - M. Jayachandran

OZHIMURI || Film Festival

Directed by Madhupal

‘Ozhimuri’ based on a story by the renowned Tamil writer B Jayamohan, is set in Kanyakumari, a dot in the map of India, at the southern tip of the country. The district that was once part of the princely state of Travancore (now Kerala, India) found itself in Tamil Nadu one fine morning when the borders were redrawn on linguistic basis by the democratic rulers. The narrative deals with the lives of Nairs, who were one of the major communities who lived here. Traditionally Nairs followed matrilineal system under which the property was owned by the women in the family and passed through them. The Nair women of the times, who were educated and bold, enjoyed freedom in all respects. Under this system, the mother in the family was more powerful than the father. But by the 1940’s with the enactment of new laws, this system had come to an end. Women lost all their erstwhile rights and powers, soon becoming ‘slaves’ of the feudal male-dominated society.

Awards and Recognition:

* International Film Festival for Comedy, Romance and Musical,Indonesia – Official Selection
& won the award of Excellence Winner
* 6th Nashik International Film Festival 2014 – Official Selection

Year of production: 2012

Language of the movie : Malayalam

Lal, Asif Ali, Bhavana, Mallika, Shweta Menon

Story & Script - Jeyamohan
Producer - P.N.Venugopal
Camera - Azhagappan